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Lawn Care

At Miles of Green, our lawn care program is designed to provide proper nutrients to your lawn and achieve weed control. Our program allows for properly timed visits to help maintain good plant health, weed control, and the ability to let you, as the customer, know what your lawn needs in regards to cultural practices such as watering and mowing.

Round 1 - Early Spring Green Up. An early spring lawn feeding will get your lawn off to a great start for the season. Premium grassy weed pre-emergent will help prevent crabgrass and other annual grassy weeds from infesting your lawn. Weather permitting, any broadleaf weeds will be treated with a premium weed control.

Round 2 - Late Spring Turf Booster. A late spring lawn feeding will prepare your lawn for the upcoming stresses of summer. A second application of premium grassy weed control will help maintain protection against annual grassy weeds. All existing broadleaf weeds will be treated with a premium weed control.

Round 3 - Early Summer Stress Reducer. An early summer lawn feeding with essential slow-release nutrients will help reduce the stress of the early summer season. Any present broadleaf weeds will be spot treated with premium weed control. Preventative grub control will also be applied at this time if it is part of your program.

Round 4 - Late Summer Stress Reliever. Late summer lawn fertilizing with slow-release nutrients will help relieve summer stress on your lawn. Any present broadleaf weeds will be spot treated with premium weed control.

Round 5 - Early Fall Summer Recovery. An early fall lawn feeding with slow-release nutrients will help your lawn recover from any heat and drought damage your lawn might have experienced through the summer. Any present broadleaf weeds will be spot treated with premium weed control.

Round 6 - Late Fall Root Booster and Weed Buster. A late fall lawn fertilizing with a heavy rate of nutrients will help promote good root growth through the winter as well as provide an early spring green up. This is also the absolute best time to control broadleaf weeds, so all existing weeds will be treated with a premium weed control.


Additional Lawn Care Services (click service for more details)

Preventative Grub Control

Damaging white grubs are the larvae of Japanese and masked chaffer beetles. In June they lay their eggs preferable in well maintained lawns because it gives their eggs the best chance for survival. Then in mid to late summer the eggs will hatch and the larvae will feed between right below the surface of the lawn severing the root system from the top growth.
The best way to protect your lawn is to treat for grubs preventatively because they can and will do extensive damage to your lawn before you even know you have a problem. The best time to treat is during early summer stress reducer application.

Core Aeration

Core lawn aeration is the mechanical process of removing plugs of soil and making numerous openings in the lawn. These openings will relieve soil compaction and allow more air and water to the reach the root zone of the lawn which will aid in good root growth. Lawn aeration will also help reduce any thatch build up in the lawn.

Over seeding is a great service to get along with your aeration to help thicken up your lawn.

Over Seeding/Slice Seeding

Lawn seeding will help thicken your lawn and reduce future broadleaf weeds, disease, and insect problems. A thick, healthy turf is the best defense against weeds. We seed with only premium blends of highly rated seed varieties.

Surface Insect Control

An application made mid to late spring will help control lawn damage insect such as chinch bugs and bluegrass bill bugs.

Preventative and Curative Disease Control

An application of fungicide or even a supplemental application of fertilizer can help prevent or control lawn diseases.

Soil Test

A soil test can be performed if a lawn is not responding to a normal fertilizer program. A lot of the new subdivisions soil can be very low in essential nutrients. Usually one or two applications of the proper nutrients will fix the problem.

Supplemental Applications

A supplemental application will be designed to fix any deficiency that the soil test points out.

Lawn Renovations

If you lawn has be devastated by insects, disease, or weather we can help. Please call for a free estimate.

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