Fall Armyworms in turf
Fall Armyworms

Fall armyworm is a very uncommon pest in our area.  There can be thousands in a lawn and they can cause the lawn to turn brown overnight.  The lawn will need to be treated with an insecticide that controls cutworms like the fall armyworm. Please contact us to get pricing for fall armyworm treatment. 

Watering after an armyworm infestation is key to lawn recovery.  The armyworms will consume the turfgrass canopy exposing the crown of the grass plant to the sun and heat.  If that grass plants crown gets to dry that grass plant will die.  It is essential that the lawn is kept watered until the turfgrass canopy is regrown. Fall seeding may still be needed to fully recover from a fall armyworm infestation. 

This Youtube video (starts at the 16 minute mark of the video) has very helpful information about our current (2021) infestation of fall armyworms.  2021 Fall Armyworm Youtube Video