Mole Damage

Mole Control

Moles may be small, but they quickly make their presence known in your lawn.  While they don't feed on your turf itself, moles have a voracious appetite for worms, grubs, and other insects.  An adult mole will consume up to its weight in insects and worms every day!

In their constant quest for food, moles damage or destroy turf roots by digging an extensive network or tunnels throughout your lawn.  A single mole can burrow up to 15 feet per hour resulting in unsightly mole hills and runs. 

Our basic mole control program is 8 weeks process

- First visit: initial damage assesment and trap placement.

- Second visit: a day or two after the initial trap placement, we will check traps, runs, remove any dead moles, and adjust traps as needed.

- One visit per week for seven weeks after the first two visits to check traps and move if necessary. 

Please contact us for a damge assement.